A UFO shut down Russian airspace as fighter jets were scrambled and millions of people were told to rush to nuclear shelters

As Russian fighter jets scrambled to intercept a UFO, millions of people were warned in an official TV hack that they needed to prepare for an imminent nuclear attack. This latest development comes just days after another hacked television broadcast revealed how the US was planning to use Russia’s alleged weakness against it by staging a fake gas crisis.

There were reports of Ukrainian drones attempting to strike Putin’s territory – proving yet again that the ongoing war is having a double-whammy effect on both sides.

A UFO has reportedly shut down Pulkovo Airport, leading to widespread panic.

Officials have not yet released a statement on the matter, and air raid alerts have also been sounded in western Russia.

The emergency alert covered a wide area of Russia, including Moscow and St Petersburg.

A mystery object was seen in the sky today, leading to passenger planes from Pulkovo Airport being grounded. After confirming that there is no threat posed by the object, the military ordered all flights to be canceled. This comes after years of tension between Russia and neighboring Ukraine, which has led to an ongoing war. The UFO – which is suspected to have been a drone – was heading toward the Gulf of Finland.

Russian officials said that they did not confirm the report of a UFO, but confirmed that an airport was closed down.

Officials have closed airspace within a 124-mile radius of Pulkovo until 1.20 pm local time due to the ongoing airshow.

Many Moscow residents were also startled by loud emergency sirens blaring on television and radio.

Everyone should immediately seek shelter in case of an emergency.

Officials later claimed that the alert was “fake,” and it is suspected to be the latest hack attack on Russia. Putin’s speech last week was met with some disruption when hackers took several state-run TV networks off the air as he spoke.

A special “carpet” signal was issued to close airspace, but it was later lifted amid a failure to find the mystery “large drone”.Flightradar24 service indicated presidential aircraft RA-96016 heading to St. Petersburg turned around and headed back toward the Moscow region. Another VIP plane bound from Moscow to Omsk was reportedly forced to return to the capital today.

Putin was in Moscow today and is scheduled to meet with his FSB counterintelligence service at the Lubyanka.

Russian officials are concerned about potential drone strikes on their soil by Ukrainian forces and are taking steps to prevent them. Earlier today, a drone was seen in Tuapse near Crimea after an oil depot there exploded earlier this week. This raises fears of potentially destructive acts by the Ukrainians against Russia’s interests.

DrRecent reports indicate that drones are being used to fly over various parts of Russia. One was reportedly shot down in Belgorod this week, and another Russian spy plane was destroyed following a suspected drone attack in Belarus yesterday.

Planes appeared to be avoiding St Petersburg.

In the US UFOs have been in the spotlight recently after numerous reports from pilots about unidentified objects. Washington has ordered a slew of them to be shot down, as they believe that these objects may pose a threat to national security. Pentagon officials have admitted there are objects in the sky that are as of yet unexplained – even setting up a new investigation team.

After the Chinese spy balloon’s sigh, the discussion moved from theory to reality. However, many people still debate whether or not UFOs are actually unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

US fighter planes shot down the spy ship, but three more mysterious objects were blasted in the following week.

Limited information has since been released about the shootdowns – and neither China nor Japan were forthcoming with explanations. China then claimed it was also monitoring a UFO, which had flown over the Yellow Sea, and that they planned to shoot it down. UFOs have traditionally been a fringe topic – often being dismissed as baseless conspiracy theories by most people.

Many people have now come forward to admit that they believe there are objects in the sky that no one can identify. Former servicemen, officials, and even former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have all spoken out about this topic recently.

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