Aliens from the Future: A Spielberg Speculation

During an interview with late show talk host Stephen Colbert, Steven Spielberg lately participated his studies on the rearmost happenings girding UFOs and put forward the possibility that the aliens behind the UFO miracle just might be us from the future.

Spielberg argued that it’s mathematically insolvable that we’re the only intelligent species in the macrocosm. That said he suggests that there’s an element to UFOs which remains hidden from the public and there is commodity going on that is not being bared to us. Spielberg prodigies, rather than the UFO inhabitants being aliens from a distant world, what if it’s us,,000 times in the future? He recalls the suppositions that the aliens or( ultimately humans from the future) might know commodity we do not relatively know yet that has passed and that their purpose for visiting is to track the last hundred times of our history. This is an intriguing proposition, indeed the rise of UFO sightings started around World War II about a 80 times agone and that commodity is going on that is not being bared to us is clearly true. Spielberg also suggested that if commodity disastrous happens on Earth at least a portion of humanity will survive into the future in order to come back and visit us. Well, all the stories about a secret space program and breakaway civilization becomes veritably presumptive is not it? And did you know the Defense Department has worked with Hollywood for nearly 100 times and that they’re using fictional pictures as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned unborn events which is called prophetic programming.

It makes you wonder how important Spielberg as an bigwig really knows and whether his statement is part of a prophetic programming on this subject. We’re the aliens? Time will tell!

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