The Greys, Grey Alien Genetically Finagled Beings

The Greys, Grey Alien Genetically Finagled Beings

The Greys, Grey Alien Genetically Finagled Beings

The Greys Grey aliens are commonly reported by UFOlogists. Named for their skin color, these humanoids have attracted attention from researchers thanks to such well-known incidents as the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 and the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case in 1961. They are often portrayed in popular imagination as saucer-using aliens who abduct people to study them.

Genetically-finagled beings are employed by other races to act as a probing pool. Still, inevitable ideas pullulate with some picturing the greys as benevolent time-traveling descendants of humans whose main purpose is to cover and guide the development of their ancestors. In the maturity of UFO cases, the greys have been constantly described as short, thin humanoids with slate and furless skin and a conspicuously large skull.

They have eyes that are large, black and almond shaped, Their facial features are confined to a brace of small gashes that take the place of their nose, and their mouth is very small. Their fingers are generally long.

The Greys are often used by advanced dimensional beings as a way to travel and act in less viscous terrains, like Earth. An Is-Be in a Grey body can leave or enter this vessel at will, much like an icon. It’s principally designed to be a tool for illustration, allowing spaceships to be steered using its interface between an Is-Be and a machine. An Is-Be can control none, one or even further Grey vessels at the same time. There are several different alien races who use Grey bodies to concentrate their energy in lower concentrations.

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